Serendipity Styx Features


  • Robust Editing Interface

    Featuring an integrated image manager, extended entry support and a host of other features. Write with a WYSIWYG editor or use any markup language you like, including Markdown and Textile.

    editor example

  • Anti-Spam

    Fight spam in comments and trackbacks with Akismet, Honeypots, word filters, a local learning bayes filter, captchas or full moderation. Those means are provided by and extensible with plugins.

    spamplugins example

  • Dynamic

    You don’t need to constantly wait while your weblogging system regenerates pages. Caching is dynamically managed, so you don’t need to worry about it. Optional advanced URL rewriting rules and customizable permalinks are available.

  • Trackbacks and Pingbacks

    Serendipity can accept, send and autodiscover trackbacks and pingbacks. You will be noticed when you react to articles in other blogs, and you will be notified when another blogger links to an article of yours. It is not a CMS, but a real Blog.

  • Plugins

    A robust plugin system allows you to modify Serendipity Styx without digging through the core source code. Sidebar plugins allow easy customization of your blog with dozens of features. Event plugins can hook into any place in Styx to make it one of the most flexible APIs available.

    Powerful plugins exist for maintaining static page content, displaying galleries, making rss aggregators, ldap authentication, customized template view, multilingual content and much more.

  • Themes

    Several themes are included by default, making it easy to everyone to change the look of the blog. For advanced users, the full flexibility of the Smarty templating engine allows to change every aspect of the Serendipity look.

    2k11 theme example photo theme example

  • Online Repository

    Both plugins and themes use our online repository Spartacus, installing them takes a few mouse clicks and no manual file upload! Spartacus also takes care of plugin updates.

    spartacus example spartacus + sidebar example

  • Documentary

    Serendipity is very well documented. For the German lang there even is a fully online readable Book available. The English have to stick to the Serendipity Styx [en] Help Center pages.

    book example book + sidebar example

  • Catalogue your entries

    Nested categories and posting to multiple categories are supported, and so are tags.

  • XML-RPC Editing

    Support for both the Movable Type and Blogger XML-RPC API.

  • Multiple Databases

    Serendipity supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite database backends.

  • Multiple Users

    Multiple users can edit and administrate the weblog. A permission system controls which user is allowed to do what.

  • Standards Compliant

    Serendipity supports HTML5, CSS3, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0. Supports conditional GET for caching RSS feeds on the client-side. It also supports UTF-8 environments.

  • Shared Installation

    You can use Serendipity as a single installation to serve multiple and independent weblogs, but only maintaining a single codebase.

  • Easy Upgrading

    An easy and automatic upgrader helps you in the process of upgrading between Serendipity versions.

  • Internationalized

    Serendipity is available in English, German, Danish, French and many more, and adding new translations is a snap.

  • PHP-powered

    To fulfill the needs of ever-growing PHP-enabled websites and easy integration with support of embedding Serendipity into your webpage.

  • Open Source

    Serendipity is licensed under the BSD License. You get the code and are free to modify it and to do whatever you want with the result.

  • Actively maintained

    Serendipity Styx Edition is very much alive and actively developed! Serendipity origin has been designed in 2002 and even today it is very impressing to see the foresight of upcoming necessities and edge cases over the decades from its origin developers. This is what Serendipity Styx is doing, keeping honoured and in touch with the age and still strongly walk into the bright future! If you want to participate, have a new user suggestion, or have a feature request please give me a note over Serendipity Styx GitHub issues. Main (origin) Serendipity support is given in the S9y Forum board, which still is an interesting base for all kind of (older) Serendipity regarding questions, having been asked for over the years.

  • documentary example