About Serendipity Styx

Why Styx?

Its project name originates from “River Styx” in the Greek classical mythology, despite of being a name.

If this is too dark for you, you may read this as Serendipity Next. :) or just Sty x.
By the time the real Maintainer began to silently retreat, Serendipity 2.1-Alpha ++ more and more became a broken playground, simplifying things without need and commits without care and appreciation about its deepest nuances. Which I regret deeply.

Styx is what Serendipity should be!

Over many many years I very actively helped to develop Serendipity, in special the 1.7, 2.0 and 2.1 Series, the plugins section, and daily guided community requests in the forum. Realising some day that my expertise and insight wasn’t seen that helpful any more, that we went into different directions, I decided to go.

The Serendipity Styx Edition

Serendipity Styx was built in my origin intent primarily for myself to keep track on my vision of what Serendipity used to be, wide and open, and with multi levels of extended properties. I wanted it - to not cut off this extendibility without real need. Styx is a contributed document of my deep affinity with Serendipity.

Serendipity Styx has strongly developed and has seen various releases since then. Previously one could say to just drop Styx over an old S9y Origin to run the internal upgrades without fear. But that was years ago and up with Serendipity Styx 3.0 in May 2020, easy migrations started to become a little bit more difficult. Go and read the Get Styx ‘install’ or ‘upgrade’ guide to see how this can be easily done without too much effort. Even more you may want to read the commit history and/or the Styx ChangeLog.

Since plugins are an essential part of Serendipity, this repository holds a strongly maintained additional_plugins repository. The Styx Spartacus plugin is able to work with it - while S9y Origin is not.

The Serendipity Styx help documentation is found here at the Styx Help Center and the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page at here. You are requested to read all about it there, if the Book has left over some questions, or you need some quick advice. Important changes between the two Serendipity Editions are marked in the (long) ChangeLog and have been ported to the Styx Book already.

Help requests:

To get direct help from myself and/or other users, please just use the the new discussions page on GitHub Styx or use the Styx issue tasks, if you have questions or found a bug. Thanks.


Please visit my Styx release blog on this site, or point yourself to the repository release downloads.

Regards Ian,
Enjoy Styx !

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