Styx partacus: Additional Plugins

SPARTACUS stands for
Serendipity Plugin Access Repository Tool And Customization/Unification System

[S]erendipity [P]lugin [A]ccess [R]epository [T]ool [A]nd [C]ustomization/[U]nification [S]ystem

Styx Spartacus does only support the GIT repository, which currently isn’t able to tar/zip a subfolder (plugin) on demand for you. Therefore the manual download link is set inactive here. Please use the built-in Spartacus plugin to install plugin sources, or clone/download the additional_plugins repository and copy the subdir you want to install in your blog as a plugin. Please follow the provided links.

Although, having GIT installed, git-archive already supports exporting subdirectories;

git archive -o HEAD:path/to/subdir

You may use this following example command to select additional_plugins repository subdirectories via the Terminal with GitHub;

$ git archive -o HEAD:serendipity_event_autoupdate --prefix=serendipity_event_autoupdate/

Replace all 3 "serendipity_event_autoupdate" occurrences with the serendipity plugin name you want to zip and upload to your blog.