Styx - The Backend

Admin interface

Top left link: Administration: “Blog name”. Shortlink to the Administrative Suite front page.

Top navigation buttons to:

  • Backends startpage: Backlink to the Dashboard.
  • Personal Settings: Your personal user settings, such as user name, password, email address, etc.
  • Back to Weblog: Return to the front page of your site, without Log-Off.
  • Logout: Log out of the Serendipity Administration Suite.

Sidebar navigation sections:

The administrative interface allows you to fine tune the features and settings of your site. The exact menu options available will vary depending on which plugins are installed. Users will only see those items for which they have sufficient access rights.



  • Add media: Add media items (images, documents, PDFs, MP3, etc) to the media library.
  • Media library: Manage items already stored in the media library.
  • Manage directories: Media items can be stored in individual directories/folders. This is especially useful when your media library contains many items.


  • Comments: Maintain comments posted to entries. See Approve Comments.
  • Maintenance: System and hooked maintenance tools.
    • Clear template cache: Clear current themes Smarty template cache.
    • Import data: Import data from another blog/cms system. See Import/Export Entries.
    • Export entries: Export data from Serendipity. See Import/Export Entries.
    • Verify Installation Integrity: Check Serendipity core distribution files for any potential tampering or modifications.
    • Rebuild Thumbs: Rebuild thumbnail images of all media items. This can be very useful if you change thumbnail dimensions in the site’s configuration or if images become accidentally corrupted. For Styx 3.0 there is an additional detailed description available, recommended to read for migrational upgraders!
    • Hooked plugin tools: Changelog/Log viewer, Theme and Plugin cleanup Managers, Database migrations, etc.


Main Content Area:

Usually the dashboard content or the content of your chosen sidebar links.