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Serendipity Styx 2.3.0 was released

The Styx September 2.3.0 release brings another bunch of fixes for the MediaLibrary and adds the new gallery widget. And much more. Check the ChangeLog for details!
Styx is PHP 7.1.x ready!

Styx 2.3.0 runs (…some highlights)

  • Adding the new Gallery Widget for simple and easy gallery entries
  • Fixing old bugs in the MediaLibrary and refactored image processing
  • Lots of optimising for the comments, ping- and trackbacks
  • Latest Smarty
  • Strengthens Maintenance Mode handling
  • Enhance and optimise $serendipity[‘logger’] log/* files usage
  • Theme changes and security
  • Preparations for the future
  • And certainly a lot more…

See download

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