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Serendipity Styx 2.4-beta1 was released

The Styx October 2.4-beta1 release brings exiting news for MySQLi users, “finally” fixes the MediaLibrary and adds some new widgets. And much more. Check the ChangeLog for details! And remember, Styx is PHP 7.1.x ready!

Styx 2.4-beta1 runs (…some highlights)

  • Set minimum required PHP version to 5.4+
  • Adding the migration task for full UTF8MB4 unicode support on MySQL server databases >= v.5.5.3
  • Installing new mysql systems already UTF8MB4 ready, if supported
  • Adding a new spamblocklog CLEANUP widget for SPAM-blown-up log database tables
  • Adding responsiveimages event plugin, which creates an easy way for authors to upload differently sized images and to scale images to the visitors viewport width
  • Fixing some more old and odd bugs in the MediaLibrary and its tasks (see changelog for details)
  • Preparations for translated theme info strings in the theme info layer, already done for [de]
  • Lots of optimising for the lang constants
  • Other optimized (backend) handlers and bugfixes
  • And some more…

See download

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