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The new Serendipity Styx website - finally

This January I started my new years 2018 Styx revision of the Serendipity Book, which finally needed a handy place and mockup to be presented to the readers.

For this I created this shiny new

  • Serendipity Styx Edition Home website, to document what needed to be documented for Serendipity and Serendipity Styx.
  • There is no need to hop-over to S9y origin any more. Everything is in place and hopefully well organized.
  • The revised documents have been placed into the Styx [en] help center pages.
  • The german Styx Book is outside of this but bound into the same site environment.
  • Even Spartacus found a sparkling new home and you will now be able to enjoy outstanding and well cared Styx Plugins and origin Serendipity additional Themes here.
  • Since the last 2.4 release, the Styx development has slowed down a bit, but I am sure that 2018 will see some outstanding releases again.

Enjoy Styx !

PS. Please give me a note if you found something to tweak or make even better. Thanks.

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