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Serendipity Styx 2.5-beta1 release is on the road

N° 2018/1 - The 2.5-beta1 release is ready for attention! Check the ChangeLog for details! Styx should now be PHP 7.2.x ready and requires PHP from 5.5+!

Styx 2.5-beta1 runs (…some highlights)

  • Various changes for encryption and hash generation were sorted out. In example, PHP 7.1.3+ now uses a GCM SSL encryption, which forces to create a new login cookie, if in use.
  • Multi cleanup for old bundled PEAR-libs and compatibility modes vs. update external libs (Paragonie, simplePie, Pear, Smarty).
  • Various bug fixes, alongside with improvements like for the PLAIN TEXT Editor.
  • Set default Standard Backend ‘template_backend’ to Styx (2styx).
  • Add new “bootstrap 4” theme.
  • Multi changes and fixes for the Backend comments list, likewise the new moderate on/off buttons, or the new pending comment hideaway.
  • Regarding the European General Data Protection Regulation Act, taking action in mid-May, all plugins and themes were changed to collect “legal impact” information data for the newly added serendipity_event_dsgvo_gdpr plugin, which adds “legal consent” actions to user forms or even the blog.
  • Themes changes were made for consistency (serendipity message selectors), for GDPR (in clean-blog, skeleton, timeline) and real improvements for post comment author owners (in 2k11, next).
  • The NL2BR plugin found a bad interpretation of the ISO-lation tag option and improved the NL2P (experimental) option. Please review your settings on upgrade!
  • Again some improving changes in the language constants.
  • Last, but not least, a new option arrived, to run secured HTML comments. This option allows having coding example parts in comments and comments generally displayed more nicely. Since being a heavy change with “security impact”, this requires CHECKED comments, which should be your owners interest anyway!

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