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Serendipity Styx 2.5.0 release

N° 2018/2 - The 2.5.0 release is out! Check the ChangeLog for details! Serendipity Styx is PHP 7.2 ready and requires PHP from 5.5+!

Styx 2.5.0 runs (…some highlights)

  • [NEW vs BETA] Various old and some new bugs were fixed. Example Gratia: the fixed bold markup interpretation of *words* by s9ymarkup or the XHTML-tag cleanup for ATOM feeds. Read the ChangeLog file.
  • [NEW vs BETA] Various THEMES were improved again, either updated, or revisited for certain places, like the shortcut pages for comments. Read on in the ChangeLog.
  • Various changes for encryption and hash generation were sorted out. Their usage depends on the PHP version used, getting stronger.
  • Multi cleanup for old bundled PEAR-libs and compatibility modes vs. update of external libs (Paragonie, simplePie, Pear, Smarty).
  • Various bug fixes, alongside with improvements like for the PLAIN TEXT Editor.
  • Set default Standard Backend ‘template_backend’ to Styx (2styx).
  • Add new “bootstrap 4” theme.
  • Multi changes and fixes for the Backend comments list, ie. the new moderate on/off buttons, or the new pending comment hideaway.
  • Regarding the European General Data Protection Regulation Act, taking action on May 25th, all plugins and themes were changed or prepared to collect “legal impact” information data for the newly added serendipity_event_dsgvo_gdpr plugin, which adds “legal consent” actions to user forms or even the blog.
  • Themes changes were made for consistency (serendipity message selectors), for GDPR (in clean-blog, skeleton, timeline) and real improvements for post comment author owners (in 2k11, next).
  • The NL2BR plugin found a bad interpretation of the ISO-lation tag option and improved the NL2P (experimental) option. Please review your settings on upgrade!
  • Again some improving changes in the language constants.
  • Last, but not least, a new option arrived, to run secured HTML comments. This option allows having coding example parts in comments and comments generally displayed more nicely. Since being a heavy change with “security impact”, this requires CHECKED comments, which should be your owners interest anyway!

It might be a good idea to take the advantage of starting a new copy template before adapting each single theme change to your old copy themes!

example of improved comments changes

See download

What next?