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Serendipity Styx 2.7.0 release

N° 2018/6 - The Serendipity Styx 2.7.0 New Year’s Eve Release Edition is out! Serendipity Styx is PHP 7.3 READY and requires PHP from 5.5+! Approximately this is the last edition supporting the old PHP 5 Series, since its End of Life support just ended.

Styx 2.7.0 runs (…some highlights)

  • Various old and some new bugs were fixed
  • Various THEMES were improved again, either updated, or revisited for certain places, like the new “pcomments.tpl” file for paged comment shortcut pages. Read on in the ChangeLog and keep your copy themes up-to-date!
  • Improve media directory list, adding the number of local media entries
  • Improve categories list, adding the number of associated entries
  • Multiple improvements for the MediaLibrary, like lowercase .ext conversion and adding possible missing media file extensions for image types.
  • Improve the Media Gallery markup and display notation (referred to rendering) to run and float with the much better column ordered lists, compared to a per row display gallery.
  • Improve the Maintenance widget page to display items column-ordered
  • Preparations to allow and replace hidden-category entries by the categorytemplates event plugin, which makes it possible to use categories/entries independently.
  • Various lang constant fixes and improvements, like finding a better name for the MediaLibrary in german [de] language files.
  • Add a new “Zombie Plugin Manager” Clearance Maintenance Spot, to get rid of old, locally outdated and unsynchronized plugins, physically. This has a “dependency” twin in ZARATHUSTRA, an upgrade task, which makes (unused) local plugins upgradeable via Spartacus for the case of being (re-)installed again in future.
  • Works on PHP 7.3 readiness

It might again be a good idea to take the advantage of starting a new copy template before adapting each single theme change to your old copy themes!

Check out the ChangeLog for details or even read the commit history for more. See download

What next?