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Happy Birthday old girl

N° 2019/1 - 16 years of Serendipity

You’ve come a long way, ... what a fortunate stroke of serendipity !

Its time to give an update of development and the future plans for Serendipity. Upcoming Serendipity Styx 2.8 revision will be the last update for the old and outdated PHP 5 Series and future 2.8.x dot versions will only address security or real bug fixes.

Serendipity Styx 2.8.0 will prepare the core system themes for consistency and to easily live in these modern “mobile-device” times without breaking too much for fallback or engine depend themes.

Then Serendipity Styx will strongly jump right to 3.0 and will further only support PHP 7 Editions. And it will be (much more) “feature” complete. 🙂

I sat for years and found you saying:
Never mind old chap, I will resist
kill my bugs, that still persist!

What next?