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Serendipity Styx 2.9.4 release

N° 2020/2 - The Serendipity Styx 2.9 branch 2.9.4 release.

Styx 2.9.4 applies

  • Fixes Spartacus Pluginlist Synchronisation issues
  • Fixes a MEDIA.base_properties property_subgroup assignment. Regressional fixes went to frontend related media_showitem.tpl template themes [default, default-php, 2k11]. Watch out for custom copy themes.
  • Fixes the (MySQL) “simple” Install routine for utf8mb4 usage. Auto fix previous “simple” installs by maintenance check.
  • Again, PLEASE read the 2.9.1 blog post for further branch upgrades only! The 3.0-beta1 release is near!

Check out the ChangeLog for details or even read the commit history for more. See download

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