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Serendipity Styx 2.9.5 release

N° 2020/3 - The Serendipity Styx 2.9 branch 2.9.5 release.

Styx 2.9.5 applies

  • Fixes some upgrade task issues upgrading from old Serendipity (S9y) versions
  • Fixes some database utf8mb4 migration issues when upgrading from (ditto)
  • Fixes very old password MD5 migration issues when upgrading from (ditto)
  • Fixes a backend style for rare case
  • Fixes some spamblock cases with filter checks and newer mysql versions
  • Added some Smarty backward-compatibility methods for very lazy upgraders. This only applies to this 2.9 branch and is done only, while the thrown exception error reasons were unguessable for non-professionals. Do not wait; Do it now!
  • Again, PLEASE read the 2.9.1 blog post for further branch upgrades only! The 3.0-beta1 release is very near!
  • While this revision is a good new start and endpoint for s9y migration upgrades, the help centers installation guide got an update, recommended to read.

Check out the ChangeLog for details or even read the commit history for more. See download

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