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Serendipity Styx 3.3.0 release

N° 2021/1 - The Serendipity Styx 3.3.0 release php8

Due to PHP 8 and its stricter error reporting many hidden flaws have been ironed out.

Styx 3.3.0 applies

  • Once more Styx continued its work to clean up old occurrences for the new Series 3 branch, in example the old mysql and sqlrelay db include files and remaining type references
  • Removed outdated feed RSS 0.91 and ATOM_03 templates files and references
  • Allow backend configuration sets for plugin_html_nugget textareas
  • Strongly improved the “B46 [Black Edition]” bootstrap theme for having advanced lists view features
  • Improve “Spartacus” for reading the full requirements array, which allows to check extended plugin requirements on UPGRADE
  • Removed outdated “bulletproof” core template to additional_plugins pool
  • Removed “pure19” core template completely, considering the “pure” 2020 Standard themes flexing grid as good enough for all
  • Updated Smarty and Rich Text Editor (CKEditor) library assets
  • Added lots of improvements and bug fixes for themes all over
  • Added more slowly growing (experimental) support for upcoming file format “avif”, an AV1 codec based new image format. PHP 8 and GDlib still do not not support it yet. So, please wait!
  • Improved the serendipity_die() mode for errors vs maintenance mode
  • Improved core APIs
  • and more!

Check out the ChangeLog for details, or even read the commit history for more. See download

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