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Serendipity Styx 3.7.0 release

N° 2021/10 - The Serendipity Styx 3.7.0 release php8.1


Improving the dark mode for the standard [ pure ] theme I also developed a dark mode for the Styx website and the Serendipity book. Watch out for the moon or the sun to raise up. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do! 😃 In Blog posts I also added a lightbox to better see bigger image expressions. These now use AVIF or WebP File formats.

Styx 3.7.0 applies the following since the 3.7-beta1

  • Massively improved the [ pure ] theme dark mode

Check out the ChangeLog for details, or even read the commit history for more. See download.

What next?