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Serendipity Styx 4.0-beta1 release

N° 2022/06 - The Serendipity Styx 4.0-beta1 release php8.2

4.0-beta1 - Public Beta 1

Due to the new major version jump, this version requires a short beta release cycle. I am happy when you help getting this to be a smooth release.

Styx 4.0-beta1 contains

  • Minimum requirement is now set to PHP 7.4 (and it will not last long until PHP 8 only is required for futures, roundabout next summer)
  • Added a new function to convert strftime() date formats to the dateTime Interface successor up from PHP 8.2. This PHP version requires the intl/icu extension loaded
  • Generate strong random & secure password suggestions for user forms
  • Fixed some odd or Methusalem bugs and made improvements in the workflow behaviour
  • Update some assets for themes, like jQuery or bootstrap and for bundled-libs, like Smarty, SimplePie, RichText (CKE) etc.
  • Improved the import class and specific importers to match changed user password hashing since S9y 1.5 and on
  • Removed and/or beta-upgraded importer files, checked by their latest major release database requirements. The WordPress (only) importer was checked to run!
  • Improved Plain Text comments mix-ins for now used HTML comments on elder blogs
  • Improved some themes for edge cases or other oddities
  • Update some lang description constants
  • Cleanups for outdated considerations

Check out the ChangeLog for details, or even read the commit history for more. See download.

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