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Serendipity Styx 4.0.1 release

N° 2022/10 - The Serendipity Styx 4.0.1 release php8.2

4.0.1 - Minor End Year release

Move on into 2023! HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎆 to you all!

Styx 4.0.1 comes with

  • Improved permalinks pattern
  • Improve P-Word search request colliding with P-Page uriArguments for routing
  • Improve spamblock maintenance cleanspam reasons for type REJECTED
  • Update templates asset jQuery lib to v.3.6.3
  • Fix some warnings, continued removal of MSIE conditions and other minors

Check out the ChangeLog for details, or even read the commit history for more. See download.

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